Feature Service

The feature service provides endpoints to obtain information about certain guest-facing features; e.g. account lookup, campaigns, etc.


Is Feature Enabled

GET feature/featureIsEnabled.json

Used to determine whether a particular feature is enabled for a specific merchant.

The following authentication methods are allowed for this endpoint:

Query Parameters:
  • merchantId (Integer) – (required) Paytronix-assigned merchant ID to perform the operation in.
  • feature (String) – (required) The name of the feature in question.
"result": "success"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) success
  • feature (String) – (required) The name of the feature in question.
  • isEnabled (Boolean) – (required) Whether the feature is enabled for the merchant id provided.

For example:

    "result": "success",
    "feature": "example",
    "isEnabled": true
"result": "failure"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) failure
  • errorCode (String) – (required) The error code of the failure.
  • errorMessage (String) – (required) The (human readable) error message of the failure.