Campaign Feedback Service

Service which processes requests for ClickToLoad events


Load a Pending Reward

POST campaignfeedback/loadPendingEventReward.json

Load a pending reward in to a guest account.

The following authentication methods are allowed for this endpoint:

JSON Parameters:
  • merchantId (Integer) – (required) Paytronix-assigned merchant ID to perform the operation in.
  • code (String) – (required) Base64 encoded string of name/value pairs that indicates merchantId, printed card number and event ID.
"result": "success"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) success
  • printedCardNumber (String) – (required) The primary printed card number of the account checked in.
  • adjustmentInformation (Object) – (required) Information of reward that was loaded during this request. See [[#AdjustmentInformation]] for format of the object.
"result": "failure"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) failure
  • errorCode (String) – (required) The error code of the failure.
  • errorMessage (String) – (required) The (human readable) error message of the failure.
  • printedCardNumber (String) – (required) If present, it indicates that the was able to extract a printed card number from the request.

Reply Objects

JSON Parameters:
  • walletCode (Int) – (required) Wallet code of loaded reward.
  • name (String) – (required) Name of loaded reward.
  • amount (Decimal) – (required) Loaded amount.
  • expiration (Date) – (required) The date that the reward will expire.
  • tinyName (String) – (required) Tiny version of reward name.
  • shortName (String) – (required) Short version of reward name.
  • longName (String) – (required) Long version of reward name.

Error Codes

The caller of the endpoint can use the returned message to display to the end user or, if different wording is desired, can provide their own mapping of code to message.

Code Message
event_reward.system_error System error
event_reward.invalid_code Invalid code
event_reward.invalid_merchant Invalid merchant
event_reward.invalid_card Invalid card
event_reward.invalid_account Invalid account
event_reward.invalid_user Invalid user
event_reward.invalid_event Invalid event
event_reward.invalid_wallet_spec Invalid wallet specification
event_reward.invalid_store Invalid store
event_reward.account_not_active Account not active
event_reward.card_not_active Card not active
event_reward.account_not_in_event Account not associated to event
event_reward.reward_already_loaded Reward already loaded
event_reward.transaction_denied Unable to load reward