This page contains some of our currently documented errors. When you build error handling into your integration, please use this page as a reference and reach out to Paytronix if questions arise.

The endpoint caller can display the returned message in the tables below to the end user or, if different wording is desired, can provide their own mapping of code to message.

There are other system-level errors which may be returned which may not be documented here.

Apple Passbook Service

Code Message
applepassbook.system_error Unable to provide passbook download url

Campaign Feedback Service

Code Message
event_reward.system_error System error
event_reward.invalid_code Invalid code
event_reward.invalid_merchant Invalid merchant
event_reward.invalid_card Invalid card
event_reward.invalid_account Invalid account
event_reward.invalid_user Invalid user
event_reward.invalid_event Invalid event
event_reward.invalid_wallet_spec Invalid wallet specification
event_reward.invalid_store Invalid store
event_reward.account_not_active Account not active
event_reward.card_not_active Card not active
event_reward.account_not_in_event Account not associated to event
event_reward.reward_already_loaded Reward already loaded
event_reward.transaction_denied Unable to load reward

Checkin Service

Code Message Notes
checkin.system_error System error  
checkin.invalid_store_code Invalid store code  
checkin.not_enabled Checkin Service is not active  
checkin.account_not_found Account not found  
checkin.future_checkin_time Cannot checkin in the future  
checkin.already_checked_in Already checked in Will provide the existing short card number in the failure reply

Enrollment Service - Error Codes


This list does not currently contain error messages for activateAnd*, createAnd*, editUser, editAccount or register resources.

Code Message
email_verification.server_error Internal server error
email_verification.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
email_verification.invalid_username Invalid username
email_verification.card_not_active Card not active
email_verification.account_not_active Account not active
email_verification.no_email_address User does not have an email address defined
email_verification.email_already_verified Email address already verified
email_verification.invalid_code Invalid code
enrollment_config.invalid_merchant Invalid merchant
enrollment_config.invalid_card_template Invalid card template
enrollment_config.cache_error Cache error
enrollment_input.validation_error Validation error for input fields
enrollment_input.field_not_allowed_in_context Input fields not allowed in non-secure context
enrollment_input.username_not_unique Username already exists
enrollment_config.invalid_merchant Invalid merchant
auto_combine.server_error Server error
auto_combine.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
auto_combine.invalid_combine_code Invalid or expired combine code
auto_combine.card_not_found Card not found
auto_combine.combine_code_not_for_specified_card Combine code is valid, but not for the specified card number
auto_combine.card_status_not_valid_for_combine Card or account status is no longer valid for combine
auto_combine.card_exchanged Card has been exchanged
auto_combine.already_registered This user is already registered
auto_combine.already_attached This card has already been involved in an attach
auto_combine.no_combinable_accounts There are no existing accounts to which this card can be combined
auto_combine.invalid_combine_confirmation_code Invalid combine confirmation code
auto_combine.merchant_id_mismatch Merchant ID in combine confirmation code does not match the merchant ID in the request
auto_combine.no_matching_account The account matching the specified account code either does not exist or is no longer valid for this auto combine
auto_combine.activation_not_allowed Activation of the card referenced in this request is not allowed

Enrollment Service - Field Validation Errors

Code Description
cannot_be_set_unless_registered Cannot be set unless the user is registered.
exceeded_max_related_guests The user has maximum number allotted for related guests.
invalid_can_postal_format Canadian postal code was formatted incorrectly.
invalid_date Invalid date format, too far in the past or in the future.
invalid_email Invalid email address.
invalid_enumeration Value is not an allowed option for this field.
invalid_field Field cannot be sent for this operation.
invalid_format Non-specific formatting error in the value.
invalid_negative Non-negative value required.
invalid_negative_or_zero Positive value required.
invalid_non_numeric Must be numeric.
invalid_numeric Must not be entirely numeric.
invalid_positive Non-positive value required.
invalid_positive_or_zero Negative value required.
invalid_postal_province_combo Canadian postal code was not valid for the province.
invalid_username_length Username must be 6-16 characters.
invalid_username_numeric Username cannot be all numeric.
invalid_username_underscore Username cannot have leading underscores.
invalid_username_whitespace Username cannot have leading or trailing spaces.
invalid_value Non-specific error with the value.
invalid_zip_format US ZIP Code was formatted incorrectly.
invalid_zip_state_combo US ZIP code was not valid for the state.
non_null_field Value should not be present (e.g. prohibited by other settings).
non_existent_related_guests Value passed in for relatedGuestCode was invalid.
null_field Value is required.
overflow Must less than or equal to some maximum number.
password_no_alpha Password must have at least 1 alphabetic character.
password_no_nonalpha Password must have at least 1 non-alphabetic character (digit or punctuation).
too_long Value was too long.
too_short Value was too short.
underflow Must greater than or equal to some minimum number.
username_exists This username already exists.

Guest Service

Code Message
account_info.error failed to perform operation
account_info.invalid_card could not load given card
account_info.invalid_account could not load account
account_info.invalid_user could not load user
account_info.invalid_card_status card in invalid state
account_info.invalid_account_status account in invalid state
account_info.no_template_error no card template associated with account
account_info.no_tier_error no tier associated with account
attach_card.error Failed to perform operation
attach_card.invalid_card Could not load card
attach_card.invalid_other_card Could not load other card
attach_card.invalid_account Could not load account
attach_card.invalid_user Could not load user
attach_card.invalid_address Could not load address
attach_card.not_enabled Attach Card feature not enabled
attach_card.invalid_reg_code Other registration code is invalid
attach_card.already_attached Other card already attached
attach_card.account_not_active Account not active
attach_card.card_not_active Card not active
attach_card.other_account_not_active Other account not active
attach_card.other_card_not_active Other card not active
attach_card.user_pwd_invalid Other username or password invalid
attach_card.invalid_card_template Could not load other card template
combine_card.error Failed to perform operation
combine_card.not_enabled Combine Card feature not enabled
combine_card.not_attached The other card does not exist or is not attached to this account
combine_card.not_combinable_template Cards of this type cannot be combined
combine_card.same_card Cannot combine a card with itself
combine_card.already_combined The specified cards are already combined
combine_card.account_not_active Account not active - cannot combine an account that is not active
combine_card.card_not_active Card not active - cannot combine a card that is not active
combine_card.other_account_not_active Other account not active - cannot combine with an account that is not active
combine_card.other_card_not_active Other card not active - cannot combine with a card that is not active
combine_card.invalid_card Could not load card
combine_card.invalid_other Could not load other card
combine_card.combine_different_templates Cannot combine cards of different types
combine_card.account_suspended Account suspended. Contact support.
referral_code.invalid_code Invalid referral code
reset_password.invalid_card Could not load card
reset_password.invalid_account Could not load account
reset_password.invalid_user Could not load user
reset_password.invalid_argument Must supply only one of: printedCardNumber, username or email
reset_password.invalid_argument Must supply printedCardNumber, username or email
reset_password.invalid_email_address Invalid email address format
reset_password.email_not_unique More than one user matches the specified email address; cannot uniquely identify whose password to reset
reset_password.non_matching_email No user found with the specified email address
reset_password.not_registered Cardholder is not registered
reset_password.no_email No email address defined for cardholder
reset_password.email_excluded Email address is undeliverable for cardholder
reset_password.is_juvenile Cardholder is a juvenile
reset_password.invalid_answer Invalid answer
reset_password.server_error Internal server error
transaction_history.error Failed to perform operation
transaction_history.card_not_found could not load given card
transaction_history.card_exchanged card exchanged
transaction_history.card_inactive card inactive
card_status.invalid_merchant Invalid merchant ID
card_status.account_not_active Account not active
card_status.card_exchanged Card has been exchanged
card_status.card_inactive Card is not active
card_status.invalid_status Cards cannot be set to the requested status
card_status.invalid_card Failed to find the card
card_status.internal_error An internal error occurred

Message Service

Code Message
message.not_implemented Not yet implemented
message.user_not_found User not found
message.messages_lookup_error Unable to get messages
message.insert_message Unable to add message
message.message_not_found Message not found
message.delete_message Unable to delete message
message.invalid_argument Invalid argument
message.system_error System error

OAuth Service

Insufficient information to authenticate

When not enough information is provided, or no matching users, the server returns an “error” field with a value of insufficient_information_to_authenticate. As noted above, the server will also return a tryMethods field containing a list of possible sets of fields to try, however it is not likely that most integrations will be required to parse this field’s value. Rather, integrators should communicate with Paytronix to determine the appropriate fields to query the guest for.


If one of the required fields returned is externalAccount, then that actually means the pair of fields externalAccountCode and externalIdentifier. There is no field called externalAccount.

Error Codes

The following are the possible codes and messages that can be returned by the Oauth Service.

There are other system-level errors which may be returned which may not be documented here.

The caller of the endpoint can use the returned error message value to display to the end user or, if different wording is desired, can provide their own mapping of code to message.

Code Message
authorization.invalid_token authorization.invalid_token
authentication.inactive_card_could_be_registered inactive_card_could_be_registered
authentication.no_matching_guest no_matching_guest

Payment Service

Field input error codes are:

Error code Definition
too_low Numeric value is below allowed range of values (e.g. an expiration month of 0 was sent)
too_high Numeric value is above allowed range of values (e.g. an expiration month of 13 was sent)
null_field A null or empty value was sent where an empty string is not allowed
too_short The value sent was shorter than the allowed minimum number of characters
too_long The value sent was longer than the allowed maximum number of characters
invalid_non_integral The value sent was not a integer value
invalid_date Date format is invalid or specified date is not a valid input (e.g. the current year is 2013 and an expirationYear value of 2012 was sent)
cannot_auto_recharge_without_saving_card Client requested auto recharge, but specified that credit card should not be saved. This is not possible, because a saved credit card is required in order to automatically recharge the card at a later date
Code Message
recharge.amount_below_minimum Recharge amount is below allowed minimum for this card
recharge.amount_above_maximum Recharge amount is above allowed maximum for this card
recharge.no_matching_saved_card No matching saved card found
recharge.invalid_payment_method Specified payment method cannot be used to recharge stored value
recharge.not_configured Recharge is not configured or not enabled for this type of card
recharge.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
recharge.auto_recharge_not_enabled Auto recharge is not enabled for this merchant
recharge.invalid_card_number Invalid card number
recharge.card_not_active Card not active
recharge.no_sv_wallet This merchant does not have a Stored Value wallet
recharge.no_sv_wallet_attached This card does not have a Stored Value wallet attached
recharge.error_loading_account_data Error loading account data
recharge.account_not_active Account not active
recharge.error_loading_user_data Error loading user
recharge.no_email_address User does not have an email address defined
recharge.email_not_verified User’s email address must be verified in order to recharge
recharge.error_loading_cc_processor_data Error loading CC processor data
recharge.recharge_prevent Account’s ability to recharge is disabled
recharge.server_error Internal server error
recharge.not_accepting_enrollees This recharge program is not accepting new enrollees
recharge.invalid_cc_type Specified Credit Card Type is not allowed for this program
recharge.cc_auth_declined Credit card authorization was declined
recharge.sv_wallet_adjust_failed Error adjusting Stored Value wallet
recharge.sv_wallet_adjust_denied Stored Value wallet adjustment was denied
recharge.cc_capture_declined Credit transaction capture was declined
payment_config.not_configured Recharge is not configured for this combination of merchantId and cardTemplateCode
payment_config.server_error Internal server error
payment_config.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
payment_config.invalid_card_template_code Invalid cardTemplateCode
saved_card.server_error Internal server error
saved_card.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
saved_card.invalid_card_number Invalid card number
saved_card.card_not_active Card not active
saved_card.error_loading_account_data Error loading account data
saved_card.account_not_active Account not active
saved_card.no_saved_card No saved card
saved_card.saved_card_expired Saved card is expired
recharge_history.server_error Internal server error
recharge_history.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
recharge_history.invalid_card_number Invalid card number
recharge_history.card_not_active Card not active
recharge_history.error_loading_account_data Error loading account data
recharge_history.account_not_active Account not active
auto_recharge_disable.server_error Internal server error
auto_recharge_disable.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
auto_recharge_disable.invalid_card_number Invalid card number
auto_recharge_disable.card_not_active Card not active
auto_recharge_disable.error_loading_account_data Error loading account data
auto_recharge_disable.account_not_active Account not active
auto_recharge_disable.not_enrolled Account is not enrolled in auto recharge
auto_recharge_disable.auto_recharge_not_active Auto recharge is not enabled for this account
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.server_error Internal server error
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.invalid_printed_card_number Invalid card number
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.card_not_active Card not active
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.error_loading_account_data Error loading account data
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.account_not_active Account not active
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.not_configured Auto recharge is not configured or not enabled for this type of card
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.monitoring_only_not_enabled Monitoring only auto recharge is not enabled for this merchant
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.not_accepting_enrollees This recharge program is not accepting new enrollees
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.amount_below_minimum Recharge amount is below allowed minimum for this card
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.amount_above_maximum Recharge amount is above allowed maximum for this card
auto_recharge_enable_monitoring.account_disabled_by_csr Auto recharge for this account is disabled by CSR
auto_recharge_get_pending_auto_recharges.server_error Internal server error
auto_recharge_get_pending_auto_recharges.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
auto_recharge_get_pending_auto_recharges.not_configured Auto recharge is not configured or not enabled for this merchant
auto_recharge_get_pending_auto_recharges.monitoring_only_not_enabled Monitoring only auto recharge is not enabled for this merchant
recharge.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
cc_transaction.error_loading_cc_processor_data Error loading CC processor data
recharge.server_error Internal server error
cc_transaction.invalid_cc_type Specified Credit Card Type is not allowed for this program
delete_saved_card.invalid_saved_card_code Invalid saved card code
delete_saved_card.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
delete_saved_card.invalid_printed_card_number Invalid printed card number
delete_saved_card.saved_card_not_found Saved credit card not found
delete_saved_card.server_error Internal server error
delete_saved_card.auto_recharge_enabled Cannot delete saved credit card while auto recharge is enabled. Use autoRechargeDisable resource instead
delete_saved_card.account_not_active Account not active
delete_saved_card.card_not_active Card not active

Region Event Service

Typically there is little user recourse for errors returned by the Region Event Service and most calls will happen in the background to the user, so it is not useful to display an error to the user. That said, the errorMessage field should be suitable for displaying to an end user and the errorCode is suitable for mapping your own error message to display.

Code Message
regionevent.server_error Unable to process this region event request
regionevent.auth_error Integration not authorized for merchant
regionevent.unknown_region Did not recognize designated region
regionevent.no_time_zone Unable to determine time zone
regionevent.not_configured This feature has not been fully configured
regionevent.server_error Unable to process region defintions request
regionevent.not_configured This feature has not been fully configured
regionevent.no_guest_neighborhood Unable to determine guest neighborhood

Sale Service

Code Message
config_failed.invalid_card_number Invalid card number
config_failed.invalid_card_template Invalid card template
config_failed.invalid_tier Invalid tier
config_failed.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant id
config_failed.invalid_program_type Invalid program type
config_failed.invalid_program Invalid sale program
config_failed.invalid_program_for_card Invalid sale program for card
config_failed.invalid_shipping_option Invalid shipping option
config_failed.shipping_options_failure Shipping options failure
config_failed.sale_items_failure Sale items failure
config_failed.no_item_for_sale No item for sale
config_failed.reward_promotions_failure Reward promotions failure
sale_failed Sale failed due to unknown error
sale_failed.invalid_card_number Invalid card number
sale_failed.invalid_card_template Invalid card template
sale_failed.invalid_tier Invalid tier
sale_failed.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant id
sale_failed.invalid_program_type Invalid program type
sale_failed.invalid_program Invalid sale program
sale_failed.invalid_program_for_card Invalid sale program for card
sale_failed.invalid_shipping_option Invalid shipping option
sale_failed.invalid_order_item Invalid order item
sale_failed.invalid_user_record Invalid user record for card
sale_failed.invalid_address_record Invalid address record for card
sale_failed.invalid_point_wallet Invalid point wallet
sale_failed.invalid_recipient_info Invalid recipient information
sale_failed.invalid_delivery_method Invalid delivery method
sale_failed.shipping_options_failure Shipping options failure
sale_failed.sale_items_failure Sale items failure
sale_failed.no_item_for_sale No item for sale
sale_failed.reward_promotions_failure Reward promotions failure
sale_failed.web_store_failure Web store failure
sale_failed.not_enough_point_balance Not enough point balance available
sale_failed.price_changed Price changed since last evaluation
sale_failed.locate_email_service_failure Locate email service failure
sale_failed.locate_payment_service_failure Locate payment service failure
sale_failed.invalid_billing_contact Invalid billing contact information
sale_failed.invalid_billing_address Invalid billing address information
sale_failed.invalid_cc_processor Invalid cc processor
sale_failed.invalid_item_style Invalid item style
sale_failed.zero_total_price Order total price is zero
sale_failed.cc_auth_failed CC auth failed
sale_failed.cc_capture_failed CC capture failed
sale_failed.duplicate_group_number Duplicate group number
sale_failed.duplicate_item_number Duplicate item number within same group
sale_failed.sale_image_failure Sale image failure
sale_failed.integration_service_failure Integration service failure
sale_failed.activate_card_failure Activate card failure
sale_failed.invalid_recipient_message_template Invalid Recipient Message Template
sale_failed.invalid_email Invalid email address
sale_failed.facebook_disabled Facebook delivery is temporarily disabled. Please use email.

Social Group Service

Code Message
social_group.not_implemented Not yet implemented
social_group.user_not_found User not found
social_group.template_not_found Card Template not found
social_group.external_identifier_not_allowed Not permitted to search by external identifier
social_group.user_lookup_error Unable to get user
social_group.group_lookup_error Unable to get group
social_group.groups_lookup_error Unable to get groups
social_group.group_not_found Group not found
social_group.invitation_not_found Invitation not found
social_group.members_lookup_error Unable to get group members
social_group.invitations_lookup_error Unable to get group invitations
social_group.requests_lookup_error Unable to get group requests
social_group.request_lookup_error Unable to get group request
social_group.invite_lookup_error Unable to get group invitation
social_group.account_lookup_error Unable to get account
social_group.memberships_lookup_error Unable to get group memberships
social_group.max_members Group contains maximum number of members
social_group.max_invitations Group contains maximum number of invitations
social_group.already_in_group Already a member of group
social_group.already_have_request Already have a request to join group
social_group.already_have_invite Already have an invitation to join group
social_group.group_config_not_found Group configuration not found
social_group.max_groups Request would exceed the maximum group memberships
social_group.max_requests Request would exceed the maximum group requests
social_group.max_create User cannot create any more groups
social_group.ext_acct_not_in_group Member with given external account is not in group
social_group.email_not_in_group Member with given email address is not in group
social_group.insert_request Unable to add request
social_group.insert_invitation Unable to add invitation
social_group.invalid_invitation_code Invalid invitation code
social_group.invalid_or_expired_invitation_code Invalid or expired invitation code
social_group.not_member Not member of group
social_group.not_admin Not an administrator of group
social_group.insert_member Unable to add member
social_group.delete_invitation Unable to delete invitation
social_group.delete_member Unable to delete member
social_group.update_member Unable to update member
social_group.name_exists A group with the given name already exists
social_group.insert_group Unable to create group
social_group.update_group Unable to update group
social_group.max_owners Group contains maximum number of owners
social_group.max_admins Group contains maximum number of administrators
social_group.invalid_name Group name is invalid
social_group.invalid_arguments Invalid arguments
social_group.invalid_max_members Maximum members is invalid
social_group.invalid_max_owners Maximum owners is invalid
social_group.invalid_max_admins Maximum admins is invalid
social_group.invitation_for_another Invitation is for another person

Store Service

Code Message
store.store_not_found Store not found
store.store_closed Store closed
store.invalid_store_group_code Invalid store group code
store.store_group_not_found Store group not found
store.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID
store.invalid_country Invalid country code
store.invalid_state_province Invalid state/province code
store.server_error Internal server error

Transaction Service

Code Message
transaction.denied Denied
transaction.denied_retry Denied: Retry
transaction.unactivated Unactivated
transaction.exceeded_max_limit Denied: Exceeded max limit
transaction.exceeded_min_limit Denied: Exceeded min limit
transaction.no_value_in_account Denied: No value in account
transaction.insufficient_value_in_account Denied: Insufficient value in account. Requested amount=%s Available amount=%s
transaction.insufficient_credit_in_account Denied: Insufficient credit in account
transaction.charge_not_positive Charge redeem must be positive amount, found %s
transaction.stored_val_redeem_not_positive Stored value redeem must be positive amount, found %s
transaction.amount_not_positive Add amount must be positive, found %s
transaction.use_wallet_request_not_present Denied: No wallet for request
transaction.void_wallet_request_not_present Denied: No wallet for void request
transaction.add_wallet_request_not_present Denied: No POS request, PXS tried to reply
transaction.could_not_save_wallets Denied: Could not save wallets
transaction.no_rule_to_apply Denied: No rule to apply
transaction.no_authorized_amounts Denied: No authorized amounts
transaction.error_making_rule_active Error making rule active
transaction.no_transaction_to_sync Denied: No transaction to sync
transaction.user_data_error User/data error
transaction.card_number_checksum Card number checksum error %s
transaction.null_card_number Null card number
transaction.invalid_auth_code_generation Invalid auth-code generation
transaction.invalid_promotion_code Invalid promotion code
transaction.invalid_merchant_id Invalid merchant ID %i
transaction.invalid_rule_ Invalid rule %i
transaction.invalid_card_number Invalid card number %s
transaction.invalid_card_account Invalid account for card %s
transaction.card_has_been_exchanged Card %s has been exchanged
transaction.no_loyalty_tier Merchant ID %i has no loyalty tier
transaction.account_not_active Account %i not active
transaction.card_not_enabled_for_loyalty Card %s not enabled for loyalty rules
transaction.card_not_activated_for_loyalty Card %s is not active
transaction.rule_not_active Rule %i not active
transaction.merchant_not_active Merchant with ID %i not active
transaction.account_status_cannot_activate Account status %i cannot activate
transaction.invalid_rule_request_type Invalid rule request type %s
transaction.card_status_cannot_become Card status %s cannot become %s
transaction.card_status_cannot_be Card %s cannot be %s
transaction.card_is_already_deactivated Card %s is already deactivated
transaction.no_club_membership_to_remove No club membership to remove
transaction.card_exchanged_and_cannot_reset Card %s has been exchanged and cannot be reset
transaction.store_code_does_not_exist_for_merchant Store code %s does not exist for merchant ID %i
transaction.card_not_in_required_state Card in %s state, %s state required
transaction.card_not_active_could_be_auto_activated Card Not Active
transaction.card_already_active Card Already Active
transaction.card_not_suspended Card %s is suspended
transaction.card_not_terminated Card %s is terminated
transaction.card_not_active_or_suspended Card %s is not active or suspended
transaction.account_has_no_regular Card has no Regular
transaction.card_not_active Card %s cannot be deactivated
transaction.card_already_has_rule Card %s already has rule %s
transaction.card_already_has_loyalty Card %s already activated for loyalty
transaction.invalid_card_block_number Invalid card block number %s
transaction.error_issuing_cards Error issuing cards
transaction.missing_product_for_wallet No product_id for add wallet %i
transaction.missing_reward_for_wallet No reward_id for redeem wallet %i
transaction.invalid_wallet_spec Invalid wallet spec %i
transaction.cards_not_from_same_template Cards not from same template
transaction.missing_template_for_card No template_id for card
transaction.invalid_card_validation_code Level 1 Check, Invalid Card
transaction.invalid_card_swipe_required Level 2 Check, Please Swipe the Card
transaction.invalid_card_level_2_check Level 2 Check, Invalid Card
transaction.invalid_card_level_3_check Level 3 Check, Invalid Card
transaction.cannot_deactivate_sv_amount Card %s contains SV Dollars, cannot be Deactivated
transaction.invalid_activation No activation filter for this type of card
transaction.invalid_card_mask_length Invalid value for card_mask_length, length: %i
transaction.enum_label_not_found Enum Label not found for %s
transaction.bulk_multi_template Card range spans more than one card template
transaction.bulk_multi_batch Card range spans more than one card batch
transaction.no_activation_product No activation product for this type of card
transaction.no_cards_in_range No cards in specified range
transaction.no_task_found No task found or task already completed
transaction.tvr_already_accepted This transaction variance has already been accepted
transaction.cannot_download_config_file Cannot download config files
transaction.cannot_activate_open_amount_sv_without_amount Cannot activate open amount SV card with $0.00.
transaction.cannot_activate_fixed_amount_sv Must activate this fixed amount SV card with proper amount.
transaction.manual_authorization Manual authorization needed
transaction.system_error System error
transaction.pos_error POS Error
transaction.pxc_error PXC Error
transaction.pxs_error PXS Error
transaction.db_error DB Error number %i