Apple Passbook Service

The Apple Passbook Service provides an endpoint to allow for the distribution of passes.


Retrieve URL to Passbook Pass

GET applepassbook/passbookUrl.json

Returns a URL at which the user’s Pass may be downloaded.

The following authentication methods are allowed for this endpoint:

Query Parameters:
  • merchantId (Integer) – (required) Paytronix-assigned merchant ID to perform the operation in.
  • printedCardNumber (String) – (optional) Printed card number for which to acquire a pass
  • accountId (Integer) – (optional) The account ID to which the printed card number belongs

At least one of the optional parameters must be given.

"result": "success"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) success
  • url (String) – (required) The passbook URL at which the user’s pass may be downloaded
"result": "failure"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) failure
  • errorCode (String) – (required) The error code of the failure.
  • errorMessage (String) – (required) The (human readable) error message of the failure.

Error Codes

The caller of the endpoint can use the returned message to display to the end user or, if different wording is desired, can provide their own mapping of code to message.

Code Message
applepassbook.system_error Unable to provide passbook download url