API Change Log



  • Check Service: Updated the operator field to a String instead of an Integer.
  • Transaction Service: Now accepts alphanumeric characters in the operatorId field.


  • Removed subscriptionCode field from subscription/updatePaymentMethod.json and subscription/unsubscribe.json
  • Added subscription/changePlan.json
  • Added new error codes and messages in the subscription service for the new changePlan endpoint


  • Enrollment Service validation errors (errorsByField) will now be returned as a map of field name to list of ValidationError objects which contain both an error code and a human readable error message, where they previously only contained the error codes, allowing the client to fall back to the default error message in cases where it does not have explicit handling of the error code. This will allow Paytronix to add new errors as needed without requiring changes to API clients. See ValidationError for details.



  • Check Service: simulateAccrualAndRedemption has a new input field: potentialUnitDiscountItems


  • All API resources now require integration_identifier even if it is not explicitly documented as an input to that resource


  • OAuth Service: error code no_matching_guests replaced by could_not_authenticate


  • In the Enrollment Service, EnrollmentConfigEntryField for field password no longer returns a maxLength parameter