Guest Management Service

The guest management service provides endpoints to perform actions on guest’s accounts.


Reset User Password

POST guestmanagement/sendGuestResetPasswordCode.json

Resets the password of the account specified by either the username, accountId, printedCardNumber or email. Only one of these should be provided, and it is considered an error if more than one is sent.

The following authentication methods are allowed for this endpoint:

JSON Parameters:
  • merchantId (Integer) – (required) Paytronix-assigned merchant ID to perform the operation in.
  • userIdentity (Object) – (required) Identity Information of the user to deliver the reset password to. See (UserIdentity)
  • resetCode (String) – (optional) The reset code is used to securely identify a user, and if none is provided one will be generated. The code can then be used to append a URL parameter to a link in the reset password email to identify the guest. This parameter is ony useful when a third party holds the account of record.
"result": "success"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) success
  • email (String) – (required) The email address to where the password information was emailed.
"result": "failure"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) failure
  • errorCode (String) – (required) The error code of the failure.
  • errorMessage (String) – (required) The (human readable) error message of the failure.
"result": "more_info"
JSON Parameters:
  • result (String) – (required) more_info
  • fields (List[String]) – (required) A list of fields (for account verificatino) which must be provided when retrying the resetPassword call.

Request Objects


This identifies the user whose password is to be reset. It must contain one of the following four fields

JSON Parameters:
  • printedCardNumber (String) – (optional) The printed card number of the user in question
  • username (String) – (optional) The user’s username
  • email (String) – (optional) The user’s email
  • accountId (Int) – (optional) The user’s account id