All endpoints in the Paytronix REST API are versioned. This enables us to change the required fields for each endpoint between software releases without breaking existing integrations.


The specific version is included in the endpoint for each of our calls. In this example:

24.11 is the version number and the request body will be held to the requirements of version 24.11 of our software. For the current API version you should use during development, please reach out to your integrations representative.

Best Practice

New Integrations
We recommend developing new integrations using the most current version number. This allows you to take advantage of the latest and greatest features. Please contact the integrations team for the most current version.
Existing Integrations
We recommend keeping the version number the same once your integration is certified. Changing the version number could ultimately harm the integration, as unexpected behavior may occur. If you would like to update your integration, please reach out to your Paytronix contacts to start the re-certification process.

Server Responses

While we do not change the request fields for older versions of our API, we do occasionally add fields to the server response. You should build the integration such a way that unexpected fields will not affect the integration.