Integration identifiers are required for all REST calls to Paytronix endpoints. This means that calls will only be successful if the integration information (provided to you by Paytronix) is included in the request.



The first step in any integration is to figure out what credentials and authentication you need. The security and integrity of our client’s data is of the utmost importance to us, so be sure to only ask for essential information.

What Credentials Do I need?

To send any calls to our system, you will need to have a client ID and secret. We will deliver these credentials to you after the integration has been scoped out and a work order has been signed. All calls to our system require valid integration credentials in order to authenticate.

Please see API Authentication for further information on how to pass in the integration credentials. Individual endpoints will have further documentation for which authentication method to use.

What Authentication Type Do I Need To Use?

This table describes the authentication types you should use for the most common integration types. If your integration does not fit in one of these categories, please contact us. Explanations of each authentication type are listed here: API Authentication

Integration Authentication Types Allowed
Guest Website Anonymous, Card, OAuth, B2B
Mobile App Anonymous, Card, OAuth, B2B
Point Of Sale B2B